Manufacturers Represented by R. Romeo Company, Inc.
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PVC Cable Saws, Pipe Repair Kits

Compression/Flare fittings, Red Brass & Chrome nipples and fittings, Ball Valves,
Angle Stops, Brass Pipe

Speciality Plumbing & HVAC Products, Freeze Kits, Roll Grooving Equipment

Jet Swet Tool, Basin Jaws, Measuring
Tapes, Open Mesh Sandcloth

Duct, Foil, Electrical, Packing,
Masking, Pallet Wrap Tape

Plumbing & Hardware Tools, Testing Instruments for the Heating Industry

Flame Tools & Accessories

Galvanized and Aluminum Railing Fittings, Kwik Kit Safety Systems, Keeguard Safety Systems

Heavy Duty Polypropylene
Cam Tiedowns

Full line of fasteners, Cable Ties, All Thread Rod

Tub Spouts, Shower Heads, Grid Drains, Pop Ups, Track Packs

Gauges, Thermometers, Recording Instruments

Chemicals, Puddy, Anifreeze, Wax Rings, Cements, Roof Flashings, Flux

Plastic & Metal Floor & Ceiling Plates, Decorative P-Traps

Pipe Wrenches, Vises, Pipe & Tubing Cutters, Dies, Tubing Benders, Flaring Tools, PVC & PEX Cutters

Stainless Steel Nipples, #150 & #3000 Fittings, Buttweld, Flanges, Pipe

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